sleepingMost people ask all the time what is the best position to sleep during night.  There are three ways to sleep; side, back or stomach.  The worst sleeping position is on the stomach and must be changed immediately.  Six to eight hours on the stomach constantly fatigues muscle and strains the spine.  Instead of the body resting during the night, it is actually working overtime.

Side sleeping is fine, however a pillow should be utilized between the knees to help stabilize the pelvis and low back.  If a pillow is not used, the pelvis is tilted throughout the night and causes additional force to be handled by the lumbar spine.

Back sleeping is equally good, however most people utilize one or two pillows underneath the neck.  If sleeping on the back, it should be done with the shoulders and the head on the bed at the same time.  A pillow pushes the head forward and straightens the important curve needed in the neck region.

A proper evaluation will help determine which way is best for you.