Patient Testimonials

“I was attending the Wyeth Business Expo in March with my business off The Wall Custom Framing when I found Harris Family Chiropractic. There were other Chiropractor’s at this Expo but I think it was the kind, smiling face of Colleen that made me approach their table. I began telling Colleen of all the pain I had been experiencing. About 6 months prior to that time I began having pain in the right hip (I believe due to sciatica). This eventually spread into my knee and ankle. Because I had been compensating for the pain other areas of my body were affected like my back and shoulders. I no longer bear to be in my own body. Nothing I did seemed to ease the pain. My family doctor prescribed a sleep medication figuring that If I could get full nights of restful sleep it would help relieve my pain. Needless to say it did not work. Colleen began explaining about subluxations and how they affect the body. This made total sense to me! The next day I went in for my Xrays. I couldn’t wait to start my treatment. I remember having tears in my eyes while getting my first adjustments. I could feel a difference immediately! I can’t remember how long it took for me to realize that my pain had gone away but I am now pain free and on the path to wellness. I can’t thank Dr Andy enough for all they do. I’ve never met a more wonderful group of people. They make everyone feel so comfortable and welcome. I feel so blessed that I found them!”
“I first heard about Dr Andy through my friend who was a patient and a fellow teacher. Dr Andy visited her 3rd grade class and spoke to the kids all about their “skeleton”. I thought here was a doctor who practiced preventive care! Being a technology specialist, I was a patient and a fellow teacher. Dr Andy visited her 3rd grade class and spoke to the kids/class all about their “skeleton” . I thought here was a doctor who practiced preventative care! Being a technology specialist, I was always at my desk & bent over the computer screen. My neck needed help. Dr Andy showed me the Xrays he took on our initial consultation and explained all about subluxation and how chiropractic care could keep me taller and straighter into the elder years. I liked his holistic approach and my husband and I attended a pressure points workshop which was great and we still use it to this day. I see a chiropractic care as a whole life change for better, health practice. Dr Andy does too!!”
“Since I began attending Ive had almost no problems with that injury recurring. I was able to return to lifting, running and wrestling, and continuing my care even through wrestling season it allowed me to recover from workouts even faster than my teammates. I was (and still am) able to train harder than I had before I entered care, which helped me earn 20 wins as a freshman varsity wrestler and make substantial progress on weightlifting. I’ve persuaded a few friends to come as well . I use to have bad allergies and get sick often, and neither has happened at all since I entered care. I would recommend that everyone try chiropractic as it can have such a tremendous impact on your quality of life.”