Bulging and herniated discs normally take decades to slowly deteriorate. By the time you are aware of the breakdown, the damage can be substantial. The effects can be any of the following: severe pain, numbness, sciatica and radiating pain to name a few. At Florida Spine and Wellness Institute, we have the ability to identify the deteriorated discs and build a plan to help stabilize them.

Everything we do is to prevent needless and expensive spinal surgeries that never provide long-lasting relief. We use the latest technology to strengthen the discs and prevent further degeneration. Discs can breakdown between 3-5% year if nothing is being done proactively to help stabilize them. We utilize Spinal Decompression and flexion distraction as the two best and most effective ways to treat disc ailments.

Don’t live in pain or discomfort when we offer a solution that can help you get off the harmful medications and keep you away from needless surgeries.

Book your complementary consultation now. We offer a wide array of appointment times that can serve you in either our Ormond Beach or Palm Coast locations.

“No Drugs, No Surgeries, Just Results”