Why Choose Us for Chiropractic Care?

We don’t just treat the symptom, we find and treat the cause.

For any ailment, there are multiple medications that can be taken to cover up the symptom.  However, that is all they do….cover up the symptom.  They do not address the cause of the problem.

No individual would ever put a piece of black tape over a flashing check engine light.  If that indeed happened the driver would no longer see the illuminated engine light, however is the car truly working well?


We do the same thing to our bodies every single day.  Taking medications and shots to temporarily minimize pain or symptoms is the same solution.  It is temporary and Dr. Harris wants to find a permanent solution.   Florida Spine and Wellness Institute wants all of our patients to be pain and symptom free, however we also want to strengthen the body to an optimal level of functioning.

Through a comprehensive examination, our team will identify the cause of the problem and then put together a corrective plan to help eliminate not only the symptom, but strengthen the body.  Florida Spine and Wellness Institute will create a health care experience that is unique from any other you have ever had.

The plans include a combination of Chiropractic care, ergonomic and sleeping modifications, specific muscle re-education and more.  The goal is to return optimal health to the body and the nervous system while eliminating medication and their harmful side effects.

There is nothing that our team will ask of you to do, that they already do not practice on a daily basis.

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Let us help you relieve your pain naturally with gentle chiropractics.

We promise to do this using the highest level of ethics and commitment, treating each patient as if they are a member of our own family. Recommended by area medical doctors, we built our reputation through devotion to our patients, quality care and results.
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